Family owned holiday house in Alicante, Spain


See below, when the holiday house is available.


Here are the prices for the holiday house. If you want to book it for a 8 day period and what to know the price, then you simply divide the weekly charge by 7, to get the daily charge.

And the prices are including everything! Water, electricity - you name it!

Price 1: 400 €/week


Price 2: 450 €/week

Price 3: 500 €/week

Price 4: 550 €/week

Pictures of the house

Layout of the house

Ground floor

Ground floor

1st floor

1st floor

2nd floor

2nd floor


Who are we?

We are a father, a daughter and a son, that owns a holiday house in Alicante, Spain - and we're renting it out. We really enjoy to visit the house, but since all of us have full-time jobs, then it's limited how often we swing by Spain - and therefore the house is empty many weeks at a time - and can therefor be rented for longer periods of time. 


The area

See what the numbers mean below the image.

Explanation of the numbers

  1. Casa Salinas (the location of the holiday house)
  2. The gate to the area of the holiday house
  3. The pool that belongs to the urbanisation
  4. Tennis court that belongs to the urbanisation
  5. Cocoa bar (bar and pizza-joint)
  6. The main street of the neighbourhood. There's many small cafes and restaurants and a couple of shops.
  7. The closes pharmacy
  8. The intersection, where you need to turn right to get to the house (due to one-way streets). 
  9. 400 meters in this direction, there are two different banks and more cafes and restaurants. 
  10. 1 kilometer in this direction there are a huge supermarked and a mall (and more restaurants and cafes). 
  11. A cozy road, where there's an amazing view over the Middle'terranean sea, a couple of kilometers out. 
  12. If this image had been 2 centimeters wider, then you'd be able to see the Middle'terranean sea on this image. :-)

Contact us!

If you have any questions or what to make a booking, then contact us either using the formula below.

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