Media i Casa Salinas

This page explains about the different devices in the house. Initially, then here's a list of all devices:

 - Internet (5 mbit download, 1 mbit upload). Name (SSID): GRAN ALACANT TV CH   -   Password: alicante
 - Big TV in the living room, with ChromeCast, PlayStation3 and radio-function (since some of the channels on the TV are radio-channels). 
 - Small TV in the master bedroom (with the same channels as the big TV).
 - Computer speakers in the office downstairs. 
 - Two aircondition units. One in the master bedroom and one in the living room.  


The internet provider is called Gran Alacant Tv and has an office 500 meter from the house. There is a 5 mbit download and a 1 mbit upload. 

There is a loose connection in the PSU for the router (which is located under the TV). But if the lamps in the router are glowing, then there should be internet. 


Password: alicante


If you don't know what ChromeCast is, to explain in shortly, then it is a way you can view a video from your phone or your computer, on the device which the ChromeCast is connected to (the big TV, in the case for Casa Salinas). So you open the video and 'cast it' to the TV (instead of watching it on your phone). It sends the audio/sound as well. It's possible to cast Spotify as well. Here is a video about how ChromeCast works:

To make it work, then you have to do the following:

1) Connect the device from which you want to cast the video, to the WiFi in the house (see the 'Internet'-section above). 

2) Turn on the TV and click on 'Source' and pick either 'HDMi1' or 'HDMi2' (it will should a ChromeCast-screen, when you're on the right one). If non of the HDMi-inputs shows the ChromeCast-screen, then ensure that the ChromeCast is connected. It's on the back of the TV - a small round device. And it has a small lamp that is on, if the ChromeCast is on. 

3) Then start playing the video you want to see. Remember, that only some services offers the ChromeCast-function. Services such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and HBO-Nordic offers the service. If you want to test if it works, then it is suggested that you try viewing a YouTube-video. The icon that you have to click on, looks like this:


When you click on that symbol, then you'll be prompted about: 'Which ChromeCast you want to cast to' - and then you'll have to choose: 'Casa Salinas ChromeCast'. 

When that is done, then the video should be played on the TV. 

Watch Netflix, HBO-Nordic or other such services in Spain. 

We haven't experimented with this yet - but we have been told, that if you make a VPN to a provider, where you're account is from, then it's possible to play videos from that service. If you for instance have a danish Netflix-account that you want to use, then you'll need a danish IP-address, which you for instance can get using: . After the VPN is established, then the Netflix can be used (in theory). 

The 'low tech'-reason is, that when you go online, then you obtain in IP-address. This IP-address has a geographical paramater, so if you visit a website or use a service, then that website/service can see where in the world you are. So if you're trying to use a danish Netflix-account from Spain, then Netflix can see that someone from Spain is trying to watch something that they only are permitted to watch in Denmark. And therefore the request will be denied. This can in theory be bypassed using a VPN.


There is a PlayStation3 connected to the big TV. 

Playing DVD's

It's possible to play DVD's from the PlayStation. The menu is control with the PlayStation-controller. 


There are a couple of computer-speakers in the office on the ground level. They can be used as desired. Guests often connect their phone/laptop to them, to play music. 

Aircondition UnitS

There are two remotes in the house, and both remotes works for both aircondition units.