Booking confirmed

Thanks for your interest in our house! :-)

Here are a couple of information regarding staying in the house.

Do you have some contact information to an emergency contact, in case of emergencies (email and phone-number)? 

Our key-holder (Karen) uses WhatsApp a lot, to coordinate key-pickup and such. She speaks both english and spanish. Her number is: +34626393214. Please contact her (either via WhatsApp or by SMS) around two weeks before your arrival, to coordinate getting you the keys to the house.

Please send her a message saying something along the lines of:

'Hello. My name is [NAME ].
I'm coming down to stay in Casa Salinas,
arriving on [ ARRIVAL DATE ] and
leaving on [ DEPARTURE DATE ].
This is just to test the connection to you.
Do you receive this message? 
Sincerely [NAME ].'

The house is in an urbanication called Brisa Mar, which is surrounded by a gate and a fence. So it's not possible to 'put the keys under a rock' or something like that. 

If there's any problems with getting a hold of Karen, then here's my number: (+45) 50899384. But I don't live anywhere near the house (just so you're aware of it). 

If you arrive at the airport, then Karen offers a pick-up service, where she can drive you to the house as well as hand over the keys. The pick-up cost i 20 euro's (and 30 euro's if it's after 22:00). A car can transport up to 4 guests, - in case you need multiple cars, then the price will reflect that.  

If you're flying in, then Karen really likes having your flight-details, so she can see if it's delayed or not. And this is both if you need the pick-up or not. 


Overlapping dates

I can see that there are someone else moving in on the DAAAAAAAAAAATE, which means that you'll have to be out before 11:00 on that given day. 


I can see that there are someone else moving out on the DAAAAAAAAAAATE, which means that the earliest you can check in are at 14:00. 


Initial approval


This message has been translated using Google Translate, - so I apologize for poor translation.