Welcome to Casa Chiquita

On this page you will find different information about the house. 


There is two TV's in the house, - one on the main bedroom and one in the livingroom. The TV in the livingroom has a ChromeCast and a PlayStation3 connected. 

To read more about use of the TV, ChromeCast, watching DVD's, then go here. 

Wifi / Internet

The wifi-name is: GRAN ALACANT TV CH

The wifi-password is: alicante

Read more about the internet here. 

Netflix, HBO-Nordic or other services

Most of these services have some limitations to what geographical areas the approve to use a certain account. The technical explanation is quite long, but to keep it short, then you'll need to establish a VPN to the country, from which the account is, in order to make this work in Spain. 

For instance, if you're from Denmark and have a danish Netflix-account, then you'll need to make a VPN to a danish provider, which will give you a danish IP-address, - and then Netflix can be used. We haven't tested this, though - but are quite sure that this'll work. An example of a danish VPN-provider is https://vpn-byen.dk/

Read more about this here.


There are two aircondition-units in the house, - one in the main bedroom and one in the livingroom. It is appreciated if they are used appropriately, since electricity is an expensive ressource in Spain. 

There is a remote for each of the aircondition-units, - but both remotes work with both aircondition-units. 

Main gate

Casa Salinas are part of the urbanization called 'Brisa Mar', - which is a closed off area, with a main gate. The gate can be see here: 

There is both a keyfob for the gate, so a car can pass through the gate. When using the keyfob, then it's important to drive the car up close to the gate (so you're over the yellow square, which is about 1 meter from the gate), before clicking on the 'Open' button. If this isn't done, then the gate wont open. 

There is also a key for the walk-through door in the gate.

Contact information

In case of problems or issues, then contact either our keyholder:

Karen Grundeken
Phone: 0034 626 393 214
Mail: karen@alicanteholidayrental.com
Web: http://alicanteholidayrental.com

Or Zeth Odderskov (the son of the owner of the house):

Zeth Odderskov
Phone: 0045 50899384
Mail: zethodderskov@gmail.com


We hope you'll have a wonderful stay!